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Mobile Security Trailers

Mobile security trailers provide a cost-effective security solution, significantly cheaper than hiring security guards. With 4G and satellite capabilities, these trailers allow you to monitor live and recorded video from anywhere in the world via your phone. This ensures you stay connected and in control, offering robust and flexible security coverage for various environments at a fraction of the cost.

Rent a Mobile Security Trailer

Our mobile security trailers are available for either both short-term & long-term rentals anywhere in the Midwest. The trailers are extremely portable and setup only takes minutes. Each mobile security trailer is equipped with solar panels, batteries, and a backup generator enabling the trailer to run for multiple days, even without sunlight. Contact us today to learn more about our mobile security trailers and customization options.


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Integrated & Mobile Proactive Video Monitoring

Our proactive video monitoring can be integrated into your current camera system, giving you 24/7 protection and peace of mind at a fraction of the cost. If you don't have existing cameras or need to protect a remote area or temporary event, our mobile security trailers are the perfect solution. The mobile security trailers provide 360-degree protection and operate independently of a dedicated power source, making them great for previously hard-to-monitor locations.

Mobile Security Trailers for Construction Sites
Construction Sites
Keep your events safe with mobile security trailers
Community Events
Mobile protection for remote areas
Remote Locations

Advanced Mobile Security Trailer Features

Advanced Video Analytics

The live video feed from the trailers is monitored in real-time by advanced video analytics to determine whether a person or an activity is suspicious. If it’s deemed a threat an intervention specialist will review the threat and respond appropriately.

Live Audio Intervention

Live audio intervention is a key feature of the mobile security trailers. An intervention specialist will help prevent crime before it happens by out directly to the threat to let them know they are being recorded and to leave immediately before authorities arrive.

License Plate Recognition

The system can detect and record license plates for suspicious patterns and send automated alerts when unauthorized vehicles enter the premises.

Advanced System Protection

The trailers are equipped with multiple features to deter and prevent tampering with the system including protection around exposed wires, tamper alarms, and cameras elevated high off the ground.

Remote Connectivity

Remotely monitor your cameras wherever you are. 4G connectivity ensures that you’ll stay connected even in the most remote locations.

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Mobile Security Trailers connected to monitoring software

Mobile Security Trailers with Proactive Video Monitoring

Proactive video monitoring coupled with a mobile security trailer provides excellent security in place of dedicated security guards. If you have existing cameras on-premise, our proactive video monitoring service can be tied directly into these cameras for full coverage. Our service is designed to offer peace of mind, knowing that your property and assets are under constant surveillance. Whether you need temporary security for a specific event or ongoing protection for a permanent facility, our proactive video monitoring and mobile security solutions are tailored to meet your unique needs. Trust in our expertise to deliver a robust security solution that keeps your premises safe and secure 24/7/365.