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Commercial Fire Alarm Systems

When a fire breaks out, there’s no time to spare. As a trusted provider of commercial fire and life safety systems for over 30 years, ASI leaves nothing to chance. Our UL-certified team uses state-of-the-art innovations in hardware and software to keep your employees and property safe in the most critical moments of an emergency. Protect and secure your business with 24/7 fire detection, single action or dual pull stations and uninterrupted GSM coverage.

Protecting Against Fires, Protecting Your Reputation

As a business owner, you know fire safety is more than a matter of life and death- it’s your reputation on the line, and in an instant your legacy can be shattered or saved. With ASI powering your fire protection system, the second a fire is detected:

  • An alarm will trigger to alert your employees of danger
  • An alert is sent to your local fire department
  • A mass notification is activated

Let our professional fire alarm installation services and 24/7 monitoring capabilities give you ultimate peace of mind.

Reliable Fire & Gas Detection from Top Brands

Many of ASI’s technicians are former employees of brands like Honeywell, and all of our technicians are fully certified to work with the alarm systems we offer. Whether you require fire, smoke or carbon monoxide protection, our vetted team installs your sensors to detect threats at the earliest stages, allowing for immediate action.


Fire Alarm System Features

Alarm Systems, Inc. has been defending businesses since 1974 with customer privacy, security and satisfaction at the forefront. No other property has your exact same daily operations and physical landscape, and our custom solutions are designed to best serve your unique business. Our trusted fire alarm system installations alert you instantaneously, so you’re always in control. ASI’s fire alarm system options include:

Interoperable & Modular Access Control

We offer a full range of hardwired and wireless commercial or multi-site networked addressable fire protection systems tailored to your property.

Optimized Efficiency

Any detection of threat is reported instantly.

Pull Stations

Choose from single action and dual action manual pull stations for complete zone protection.


IPGSM communicators provide seamless coverage for your fire panel by automatically selecting the best signal in the area. 3G,4G, LTE with or without IP backup.

Secure Your Tomorrow, Today

Fire alarms on pole outside