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Full-Service Security Solutions for Schools & Universities

We install, integrate and service commercial security systems for schools and universities nationwide. With over 50 years of experience creating custom solutions designed to grow with you, we keep your students, staff and buildings safe with 24/7 professional monitoring. Experience the ease of protecting your campus with our intuitive, easy-to-use security platform.

Secure Your Tomorrow, Today

Access Control Systems for Schools

Access control systems give you authority over who enters your buildings and when. With ASI, every entry is monitored, logged and reported - giving you complete control. 

  • Leverage your existing hardware as your system expands 
  • Choose remote security management options for badging, reporting, and alarm and event monitoring 
  • Prevent dangerous and unauthorized persons from entering your campus facilities

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Intrusion Alarm Systems

ASI’s intrusion alarm services bring you 24/7 peace of mind with real-time monitoring from our UL-certified center. Choose from well-known intruder alarm system brands including Honeywell, DMP and Bosch. 

  • Incorporate motion detectors for early threat detection
  • Set door and window contacts to catch intruders at every entrance
  • Discourage intruders from proceeding with intruder warning capabilities

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Video Surveillance Systems

Get professional video surveillance system design, installation, support and maintenance from the security professionals at ASI. Discover the scalability of role-based operator privileges and multi-platinum support while you protect your campus buildings from theft, threats and suspicious individuals. We offer a full range of top video surveillance brands to meet your exact requirements. 

  • Quickly track down suspects during an active shooting 
  • Protect staff and students with proactive monitoring 
  • Ensure the safety and wellbeing of students

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School Intercom Systems

Our industry-compliant intercom options let you keep it simple with a button-based buzz-in system or go high tech with video monitoring, call forwarding, touchscreens and more. 

  • Incorporate alarm monitoring and advanced access control 
  • Easily expand your intercom system to additional buildings and locations
  • Enable video badging, remote access control and lockdown or emergency alerts

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Audio Systems

Get the latest in public address, emergency notification and audio technologies with ASI. Our experienced engineers and technicians ensure your campus is equipped with reliable microphones, amplifiers, paging systems and complete sound and lighting systems to power your every communication need. 

  • Hearing assist technologies
  • In-ear monitors
  • Video and audio teaching aids

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Fire Alarm Systems & Fire Extinguishers

We provide fire extinguishers and 24/7 fire detection services for your campus. Keep your facilities emergency ready with reliable alarm and mass alert systems complete with fire extinguisher installation, inspection, testing and certification. 

  • Streamlined billing, inventory management, reporting and maintenance services
  • Keep your buildings up to code
  • Choose from reputable fire alarm brands including Honeywell, DMP and Bosch

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