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Security & Access Control for Real Estate Properties

Protect your real estate investments with ASI’s custom security solutions. Whether you need video surveillance and fire protection for a commercial property or intrusion alarms and access control systems for apartments or condos, we monitor your property 24/7 from our UL-certified facility and send emergency alerts at the first sign of trouble. Don’t take a chance on your property’s defenses - get complete peace of mind with ASI.

Secure Your Tomorrow, Today

Access Control for Properties

Our advanced access control systems give you authority over who enters your property, from what point and when. Get ultimate control with real-time monitoring, logging and reporting capabilities. 

  • Grant user and time-specific access to clubhouses, storage areas, courtyards and pools
  • Select badging, reporting and alarm and event monitoring capabilities
  • Prevent unauthorized entry to your property

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24/7 Protection with Intrusion Alarm Systems

Pair trusted intruder alarm system brands Honeywell, DMP or Bosch with our 24/7 monitoring capabilities to get confident defense against intruders. Monitor your entire property, detect threats and alert authorities of suspicious activity immediately.

  • Set motion detectors for early threat detection
  • Employ door and window contacts to catch intruders at every entrance
  • Discourage intruders from advancing on your property with real-time warnings

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Real-Time Video Surveillance Systems

We offer professional video surveillance system design, installation, support and maintenance customized to the layout of your commercial or residential property. Enable role-based privileges and move efficiently through past video footage to investigate activities from a specific time. 

  • Actively track suspects during a break in 
  • Protect your reputation with real-time monitoring 
  • Monitor specific locations for suspicious or criminal activity

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Intercom Systems

Customize access requirements for your real estate property with secure solutions from Alarm Systems, Inc. Choose from simple buzz-in options, high tech video systems with touchscreens and infrared detection capabilities, remote access control and more.

  • Enable access alerts
  • Expand your intercom system as your property grows
  • Control video badging and set emergency alerts

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