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Commercial Fire Extinguisher Services

Even with the best fire alarm systems in place, you only have moments when fire strikes to avoid complete devastation. Alarm Systems, Inc. has been protecting businesses since 1974 with superior service and security solutions. We have the emergency fire extinguishers, certifications, and maintenance you need to secure your first line of defense.

Fire Extinguisher Mapping & Maintenance Services

If your employees don’t know where to find the nearest fire extinguisher or if your fire extinguishers fail, your business is on a fast track to disaster. Don’t take chances on fire preparedness. Alarm System, Inc. is a trusted single-source fire services provider handling fire extinguisher installation, inspection, testing and certification to streamline your essential operations.

Our experienced technicians follow NFPA guidelines to make sure your business stays code-compliant. Limit property damage, keep your employees safe and get peace of mind with ASI.

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