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Our access control systems are custom-tailored to your business or commercial property. Whether you need a brand new system or updates to your current one, our expert systems integrators are familiar with all of the industry-leading brands.

Access control systems provide a more secure solution than a simple lock and key. Keys can be easily lost and without changing the locks, you can’t be sure of who has access. Our systems give you proper monitoring, logging, and reporting of every entry, giving you complete control. Access control is just one element of our full-service solutions, all within one easy-to-use management platform. Learn more about our full commercial security solutions.

Video surveillance employee watching security cameras
Video Surveillance
Man breaking into a building not secured with proper access control
Intrusion Alarms
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Intercom Systems

Modular Systems Designed for Growth

Interoperable & Modular Access Control

Integration with access control and video systems from industry-leading brands like Honeywell and third-party manufacturers makes it possible to leverage existing installed hardware as the system expands. Modular hardware and software options make it easy and cost-effective to expand a system to keep up with growing business needs.

With our access control systems, customers can utilize their existing network infrastructure to provide remote security management for badging, reporting, and alarm and event monitoring. Less software allows for savings on installation costs and time while continuing to provide optimal security protection.

Optimized Efficiency

Streamline tasks with an intuitive and familiar user interface to improve operator effectiveness while helping organizations minimize training costs. Events may be routed to specific workstations and linked to automated system responses such as camera call-ups and outward notifications.

We provide comprehensive options for audit and reporting to address forensics, compliance and business intelligence data mining needs. The Reporting application includes basic report templates and the capability to generate custom reports. Reports can be exported as XLS, CSV and PDF formats.

Our access control systems provide a solid and proven platform for an intelligent business management solution. It is successfully deployed in enterprises of many sizes and across a range of vertical applications including financial institutions, manufacturing facilities, campuses, government facilities and critical infrastructure.

Secure Your Tomorrow, Today

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