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Security & Access Control Systems for Warehouses

Secure your warehouse with ASI’s security solutions, crafted for your facility’s layout and your specific security requirements. Our team monitors your warehouse 24/7, alerting you at the first sign of intruders, fire, security breaches and more. We’ve been protecting properties across the United States for over 50 years with security innovations designed to make your job easier. Let us give you peace of mind.

Secure Your Tomorrow, Today

Warehouse Access Control Systems

Our advanced access control systems let you determine who accesses your warehouse and what privileges they have. Integrate automatic monitoring, logging and reporting for easy reference anytime you need it.

  • Grant user-specific access to storage and temperature-sensitive areas
  • Set up badging, reporting and alarm and event monitoring
  • Prevent unauthorized warehouse entry

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24/7 Protection with Intrusion Alarm Systems

Our 24/7 UL-certified monitoring services and trusted security brands including Honeywell, DMP and Bosch partner to protect your warehouse day and night. Detect threats, monitor your warehouse from end to end and notify authorities at the first sign of trouble.

  • Add motion detectors for on-the-spot threat detection
  • Set door and window contacts to catch intruders at any access point of your warehouse
  • Discourage intruders from targeting your property with intruder warning activation

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Video Surveillance Systems

Get professional video surveillance system design and installation with personalized support and maintenance services to stay in the know about activities in and around your warehouse. Easily review recorded footage from a specific day and time. With ASI, you’ll select your system from the best video surveillance brands on the market.

  • Pinpoint suspects during an active break in or security breach
  • Protect employees and review accidents with accurate, real-time monitoring 
  • Monitor specific locations for unauthorized and suspicious activity

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Fire Alarm Systems & Fire Extinguishers

We provide code-compliant fire extinguishers and 24/7 fire detection services to keep your warehouse code compliant and safe. Choose from reliable wired or wireless fire alarms and opt for complete fire extinguisher installation, inspection, testing and certification services handled by our trained and certified team. 

  • Easy billing, inventory management, reporting and maintenance
  • Instantaneous mass alert capabilities
  • Dependable fire alarm brands including Honeywell, DMP and Bosch

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