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Full-Service Security Solutions For Healthcare Facilities

Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Private Practices & More

We install, integrate, and service commercial security systems in healthcare facilities across the United States. We have over 50 years of industry experience in identifying and crafting custom solutions tailored to each individual facility under one easy-to-use platform. We work with the industry leaders in healthcare ICT to set up a solution for that works for you.

Secure Your Tomorrow, Today

Phones & Mobile Communication

Enterprise-level phone and mobile communication systems are essential for quick and secure communication within your facility.

Wander Management

We offer the most accurate real-time patient visibility and protection solutions in healthcare. Our wander management solutions can be tailored to your existing systems or we can install a new system with tags, badges or other wearable technology for monitoring the location of your patients.

  • Improved patient sense of freedom
  • Compatible integration with existing systems
  • Track & check status of medications

Real Time Location Services

Outside of wander management, we provide additional real-time location services for your patients and other assets. Our systems integrators are capable of integrating tags, badges, and smartphone applications into one seamless system.

  • Easy to deploy & scale for growth
  • Location-based & time-stamped analytics
  • Real-time indoor positioning data

Nurse Call Systems

Nurse call systems, also commonly referred to as call lights, offer a quick and easy way for patients to alert staff that they are in need of something. Our line of nurse call solutions offer a diverse array of benefits including:

  • All-in-one interactive nurse console
  • Smart patient room communications
  • Flexible communications
  • Sophisticated integrations