Residential – Professional Monitoring

What do you do when you hear an alarm going off? Do you call the police, or do you figure it is just a car or false alarm?

A home security system is a great way to protect your home, but if the system is not being professionally monitored who’s going to respond in a true emergency? The sound of an alarm is commonplace today and our brains automatically categorize that as less urgent. It’s called “alarm fatigue” and in the event of an emergency it may cause a delay in the hearer’s response time, thus delaying help.

That delay could be the difference between safety and disaster.

ASI provides professional 24/7 monitoring from a UL Certified Monitoring Center:

  • Traditional Home Security Monitoring
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Fire, Smoke, and Carbon Monoxide detection Monitoring

It takes only moments for events such as burglary, fire, leak, carbon monoxide, and excessive temperatures to cause tremendous damage and endanger lives. Make every moment count and initiate help as soon as possible with ASI professional monitoring!

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