Residential – Medial Alert Systems (PERS)

All it takes is one click on a Medical Alert System to connect your loved one to life-saving help.

Put help in motion swiftly when it matters most. With an ASI Medical Alert System not only will you be able to notify an emergency response team when an emergency occurs, but also notify any neighbors, family members or friends within seconds.

ASI can provide you with an affordable Medical Alert System that allows independence, security and peace-of-mind knowing that help is a simple click away.

What is an actual Medical Alert System?

A medical alert system, also referred to as a Personal Emergency Device (PERs) or a Mobile Personal Emergency Device (mPers) puts help close at hand.  It’s simply a wearable device that can be in the form of a bracelet, necklace or mobile device that allows you or a loved one to go about your day without any restrictions. If an emergency should occur such as a fall, a fire, break-in or incident where you need help you simply push a button which notifies our emergency monitoring professionals that can speak to you directly from the device, it’s that simple!

Examples of Medical Alert System devices:

Mobile Device

This device can go into any pocket, can go onto a belt loop via a leather pouch or held on to with 2-way communication.

Neck Pendant

A simple way to carry around your Medical Alert Device that is wearable like any necklace with 2-way communication.

Wrist Watch

A sleek, fashionable device that is worn like any other watch on your wrist with 2-way communication.

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