Guide to Security System Integration

technician installing security camera on ceiling

Alarm Systems Inc. shares about physical security integration and why it is important in keeping your organization protected. 

Modern business owners and organizations face numerous security risks and hazards. 

With much of today’s focus on cyber threats, many organizations concentrate on cybersecurity and deprioritize physical security. However, as risks of all types have increased in type, number, and severity, the importance of security system integration has never been greater. 

What is Security System Integration? 

Physical security integration connects independent physical security products, devices, services, and logical security applications into one comprehensive and compatible network.   

Once integrated, security systems can react to one another to gain greater security. For example, an access control violation could trigger an alarm or prompt video surveillance to record the incident. 

Whereas physical security systems were once solely managed by facilities or security teams, the digital transformation of physical security systems allows them to be brought onto enterprise networks and additionally managed by IT professionals. This integration produces more information and the opportunity to use physical security information in new ways.

Security System Installation or Integration?

If you are looking for “commercial security systems near me,” you will see the terms “security system installation” and “physical security integration” among the many search results. 

A security system installer is a professional security installation company that installs security system elements such as: 

  • Intrusion Alarms
  • Fire Systems
  • CCTV Systems
  • Video Surveillance
  • Access Control
  • Commercial Intercoms Systems

Security companies specializing in installation are professionals with the knowledge to assess your facility, determine how many cameras or alarms you need, and then install them using the latest security technology. Typically, security companies will become familiar with, certified in, and offer a narrower range of products. 

Security integrators specialize in creating interconnected security systems and devices consisting of:

➤  Security integrators ensure compatibility between components. Integrators create customized systems solutions and installation designs that consider the facility’s needs, risks, demands, and specifications of the facility, technology compatibility, wiring, installation demands, and budgetary requirements. Integrators make sure these systems work together for increased security. Typically, security integrators are certified in a broader range of partner technologies because of the role. 

Top Advantages of Security Integration

Every facility in every vertical faces unique security threats, risks, and vulnerabilities. Security system integration helps meet those challenges and risks with strategic technologies that work together to increase security and provide business intelligence.  

Increased Safety

An integrated system ensures that the specific needs of the campus are met, and the systems work interactively for the optimal level of safety and security. 

Improved Emergency Communication

In a security event, every second makes a difference. Integrated security systems allow communication of direct threats to the appropriate entities so that employees can help facilitate swift action, such as taking cover, relocating, or evacuating. 

Informed Emergency Response

Integrated security systems mean a better flow of critical information. Better and faster communication means a quicker and more accurate emergency response.  

One Information Platform

Having a singular platform enhances daily security operations. During a security event, security personnel can manage response across all systems in real-time. 

Increased IT Security

Integrated physical security also helps improve IT security. Access control, video surveillance, and intrusion detection help restrict access to data centers.

Better Value

An integrated security system saves money because you can provide specific upgrades to improve the system rather than having to replace an entire system. Additionally, your system will need fewer people to monitor it because it’s all in one workspace. This fact will save you money on administrative costs.

What Systems Could Be Included in Integrated Physical Security Systems?

Physical security involves the use of multiple layers of interdependent systems that improve security capabilities. Typically these systems include CCTV Video surveillance, locks, access control, perimeter intrusion detection, deterrent systems, fire protection, communication systems, and other systems designed to protect persons and property. 

Physical security technologies are rapidly advancing, and physical security integrators can recommend additional technologies appropriate to your risks, such as gunshot detection and other security options. 

Commercial Security Integration In IL and Nationwide

ASI is a local security integration company with a national presence with 2 corporate offices serving customers across America. With solutions including access control, intrusion detection, video surveillance, and live video monitoring, ASI can simplify the complex through seamless integration of hardware and software all under an easy-to-manage ecosystem.

We make sure your security suite functions holistically to prevent operational silos. Our expert integrators will ensure your new and existing hardware are interoperable and working optimally and efficiently.

If you are looking for “Commercial Security Integration Near Me,” look no further than ASI. Call ASI today at  844-222-2280 for more information.