Environmental Monitoring Units


Concerned about environmental monitoring and compliance reporting? ASI has you covered with our proprietary environmental monitoring system with automated compliance reporting built into the system! Intelligent sensors monitor temperature and humidity. If anything is amiss such as sensors losing connectivity or the temperature/ humidity fall outside of your prescribed range, it monitors every 5 minutes. If the problem persists, an alert goes to the central monitoring station so you can take action to correct the problem before compliance is even an issue.

Our system removes the human element and liability. All information is logged and documented. Actions are immediately recorded in a report with which cannot be tampered or changed and is stored in the cloud. Reports can even be directly sent to appropriate agencies such as the FDA.

Environmental Monitoring and compliance reporting help you maintain compliance across multiple sites. Our systems also reduces the need for and the exorbitant cost of manual reporting processes, freeing your capital.

Our unique proactive Environmental Monitoring Units are equipped for any application. Uses include:

  • Multiple EMU’s Independently Monitoring Thermal Regulated Areas
  • Refrigeration Units Storage Units
  • Laboratory Areas
  • JCAHO Required Refrigeration Systems
  • State and Federal Compliance for Temperature Controlled Monitoring Systems
  • Restaurant
  • Trucking and Food Handling Refrigeration Systems
  • Pharmaceutical Products Requiring Temperature Control during shipping or storage
  • IT Departments Temperature Controlled Areas for Computer Systems
  • Storage Units
  • Art Galleries
  • Floral and Bakery for Humidity Control
  • And many more

Our system is incredibly easy to install. All you need to get started is a high-speed internet connection. We supply a case hardened router (frequency options 802.11 or 900) with the first unit you lease. Up to 10 devices may be connected per router given adequate signal connection.

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Total Environmental Temperature and Humidity Monitoring

24/7 Monitoring managed by our UL Listed Central Station

Proactively monitors baseline calculated and regulated temperatures in acceptable range

Automatically generates easy to read weekly reports

Environmental Monitoring Products

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