Environmental Monitoring: Take Control of Your Business

Maintaining a comfortable environment in the workplace is important for any business. But for some industries, maintaining control over temperature, humidity, and other factors is more than just a matter of employee comfort, it’s vital for the company. Maintaining a balance of temperature, humidity, and other environmental factors in industries such as healthcare, pharmaceutical, food manufacturing, and others is critical to keep systems operating, products fresh, and facilities compliant.

The Basics

Environmental monitoring is essential for businesses that handle sensitive equipment or products. Industries, including healthcare, pharmaceuticals, food preparation, biotech, IT, etc., all need to control the environments of their facilities carefully. But environmental monitoring is also important in a wide range of industries where a tightly controlled environment is important. Industries such as restaurants, florists, art galleries, and museums must strictly monitor temperature and humidity levels.

Here we will discuss some of the benefits of temperature and humidity monitoring and provide tips on choosing the right company to install these systems.

The System

An environment monitoring system is comprised of sensors installed in specific areas of need in and around your business’s facility. These sensors operate 24/7 and can measure for temperature, humidity, leaks, smoke, fire, and more, depending on the facility’s needs. 

ASI’s proprietary environmental monitoring system scans an area every 5 minutes, and if anything is anything is out of order, such as sensors losing connectivity or the temperature or humidity falling outside of your prescribed range, it will automatically alert a central monitoring station so that you can take action fast. 

Compliance Reporting

In addition, ASI’s environmental monitoring system has automated compliance reporting built right in. Information is logged automatically and documented in a report stored in the cloud so it cannot be tampered with or changed. In addition, the system can automatically send reports to appropriate agencies, such as the FDA, if needed. 

Let’s look at some of the industries and sectors that can benefit from environmental monitoring:

Pharmaceutical and Healthcare – Medical facilities such as hospitals, clinics, and labs have strict regulations and standards for temperature and humidity control. Medications, vaccines, and laboratory samples are sensitive to temperature and humidity changes. Changes in temperature and humidity can affect their quality, effectiveness, and safety.

Food Preparation – Environmental monitoring is also essential in food manufacturing facilities. Food products must be stored in specific conditions to maintain quality, safety, and shelf life. Manufacturers have to ensure that their products are stored in specific conditions to maintain quality, safety, and comply with regulations.

Server Rooms –  Environmental monitoring is also critical in IT server rooms, where sensitive equipment must be kept in ideal conditions to ensure peak performance and longevity. Excessive heat and humidity can cause equipment failures, data loss, and costly downtime. 

Art Galleries and Museums – Environmental monitoring is also critical in the art world, where many materials and artworks are sensitive to changes in temperature and humidity. Fluctuations in environmental conditions can cause deterioration, warping, fading, and other damage, which can be irreversible and costly to repair. 

Compliant and Safe

At ASI, we’ve been providing peace of mind since 1974. We take pride in providing top-notch environmental monitoring solutions to help businesses maintain ideal conditions to protect their products and equipment and meet regulatory requirements. ASI has the know-how and expertise to install top-tier robust monitoring systems for your commercial or industrial business facility. 

ASI is one of the Midwest’s most experienced commercial and home security companies. We provide clients with innovative solutions, quality craftsmanship, and complete satisfaction. Contact ASI to discuss your specific facilities needs. We have decades of experience and are experts at environmental sensors and controls of all types. For a free estimate, call ASI today at 1.844.222.2280