Top 4 Access Control Practices

Top 4 Access Control Practices

Businesses today face serious, complex, and evolving security threats including violent crime, theft, sabotage, and even terrorism.  As a  business owner or facilities manager, part of your job is making sure the occupants and the building are both safe and secure using the most effective tools.When properly implemented and utilized, access control systems can provide the security you need, and much more.

Here’s how to leverage your access control system to its full potential.

Establish Layers of Security

No one physical security device or measure will provide complete or adequate security. The most effective access control system is one that works together with layers of large and small security and security measures such as adequate lighting, video surveillance, and intrusion detection.

Consider Integrations

Make the most of integrative technologies and complementary devices, such as security information management solutions, video surveillance, intrusion alarms, fire alarms, security and environmental monitoring.

Evaluate Risk

Tie your access control practices to the level of risk. Some areas may require more security and thus additional layers of authentication.

Provide Adequate Training

Even if you use the highest levels of security utilizing the latest technologies, humans will always be the weakest link whether through, error, haste, or even malintent. Train employees well on usage and how to spot problems.

Today, businesses of every size must control access and regulate their environment in order to control risks. Today’s access control systems provide advanced features and functions that simplify and enhance the security process. ASI understands your industry and meets your needs with high-level access control technologies. Need more information? Call ASI today! 844-222-2280