EAGL Gunshot Detection

A cost-effective solution to a real-world reality.

Equip your facility with immediate and precise gunshot detection and active shooter  countermeasure technology. Detect and convey the location of gunfire and lockdown the facility within seconds of shots fired with EAGL Gunshot Detection and Lockdown technology.

Both the EAGL and the CityWeb Systems use proprietary FireFly® and DragonFly™ Energy Detector technology offering the most effective indoor/outdoor Gunshot Detection and Ballistic Identification equipment. The FireFly® and DragonFly™ Energy Detector technology, originally pioneered by The Department of Energy laboratory and perfected by EAGL Technology, produces zero false alarms!



  • Indoor and outdoor solution
  • Ballistics Analysis
  • Swift threat validation and reporting
  • The only gunshot detection system offering outdoor wireless capabilities, DRAGONFLY™
  • Adaptive Response, Intelligent Multilayer Comprehensive Security Countermeasure Algorithm Generator
  • Pre-programmed notification options
  • Integrates with most area-wide warning systems
  • Immediate autonomous and automated lockdown actions
  • Customizable integration with on-site security assets

Uses science developed by the department of Energy to analyze waveform and energy levels to identify firearm discharge and prevent false alarms

Dual Validation Technology automatically Locks Down soft target areas within seconds

Building layout shows shooter location and ballistic data, notifying law enforcement through email and text messages

Integrates with facility Access Control, Live-streaming IP cameras, Public Address, Mass Communication, and Local Emergency Notification Systems

Functions performed automatically, autonomously, and within seconds of a detected threat event

EAGL Gunshot Detection and Lockdown technology is an indispensable tool in today’s commercial security strategy.  Contact us today to learn more!

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