Should You Consider Gunshot Detection Technology in Commercial Security?

The issues surrounding violence are complex, and no one physical security technology will solve all of the problems. However, in a time when municipalities, schools, and organizations of every size are seeing an escalating risk of gun violence, gunshot detection systems have become more important than ever. 

What is Gunshot Detection Technology?

Gunshot detection technology (GDT) is a  physical security technology that uses a network of acoustic sensors to immediately detect, verify, and rapidly notify law enforcement of the specific times and locations of firearm discharges.

Should Your Organization Consider Gunshot Detection Technology? 

Whether or not implementing Gunshot detection technologies into your commercial security plan is right for your organization largely depends on your risk factors and what you are trying to protect. Risk factors include things such as the type of business or organization, public sentiment, location-based factors, whether similar entities have been a target of violence, and more. It is always best to talk to law enforcement and physical security specialists to get a multi-faceted understanding of your risks and what can be done to minimize them. 

What are the Advantages of Using GSD in Commercial Security? 

Gunshot detection technology, especially when deployed along with other physical security technologies such as video surveillance and video surveillance monitoring, helps address many problems connected to the risks of gun violence.

Rapid and Informed Response

Until recently, law enforcement had to rely on calls from the scene of a shooting event to get information. This presented a serious problem as the information would be delayed and frequently distorted by the stress and disorganization of the event. 

GDT identifies, authenticates, and notifies law enforcement and key personnel automatically within seconds of a gunshot detection. The information provided includes specific times and positions of gunfire. This allows law enforcement to act more quickly and with more precise information. 

System Integration

Just as physical security technologies and response needs differ between locations, so do the response needs within a site. Some GDTs, such as the one we provide called EAGL, can be integrated with other commercial security technologies, such as video surveillance and access control, so that users can customize responses such as locking doors, sending alerts, and more. 

Commercial Security Integration In IL and Nationwide

ASI is a local security integration company with a national presence with two corporate offices serving customers across America. With solutions including gunshot detection, access control, intrusion detection, video surveillance, and live video monitoring, ASI can simplify the complex through seamless hardware and software integration, all under an easy-to-manage ecosystem.


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