What to Look For When Upgrading Your Nurse Call System During A Global Health Crisis


Every healthcare facility has the charge of safeguarding the safety and wellbeing of its patients and residents. Whether in hospitals or assisted and long-term care facilities, nurse call systems should always be deployed to ensure patient and resident safety. Also known as call bell or call light systems, nurse call systems bridge the communication between patients or residents and caregivers in hospitals, assisted-living facilities, and nursing homes. Whether you’re selecting a nurse call system for the first time or merely upgrading as the COVID-19 pandemic has flooded healthcare facilities, there are some critical things to look for when choosing the optimal nurse call system for your healthcare facility.

Brand Credibility & Testing

As is the case with any security product installed in a high-need facility, brand credibility does matter. When trusting ATS with the installation of nurse call systems,  your healthcare facility will have access to the most dependable nurse call systems in the industry. 

Modern & Intuitive Features

Nurse call and duress solutions have considerably modernized as needs evolve, and new technologies emerge. In contrast, nurse call systems of the past lacked intuition and often had extensive and complicated wiring that simply wasn’t adaptable within modern healthcare settings. At ATS, we stand behind West-Com Nurse Call Systems, which include features such as:

  • Minimal wiring for ease of use and maintenance
  • Modern resident and patient stations
  • Touchscreen master stations
  • Customizable peripheral devices
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Two-way voice communication technology

We especially love West-Com’s advanced analytics because it is a web-based application designed to compare results, track trends, and identify potential areas of patient-care concerns. These innovative and user-friendly features are more critical than ever now that healthcare environments’ needs are rapidly evolving due to the COVID-19 crisis. We believe so much in the impact these features can have that even if you already have an upgraded system installed, we’ll take the time to show authorized members of your medical staff how to maximize their use and benefits.

Personalized Coding for Nurse Call

One feature of critical importance, particularly during a crisis when prioritization of attention and treatment is necessary, is that a facility’s nurse call station should always be designed to address calls at various levels of priority and importance. At ATS, we have in-depth knowledge of nurse call systems equipped with multiple settings for code light colors and audible tones.

Customized Solutions for Specialized Needs

While this is a baseline checklist when selecting a modern nurse call system, other features specific to your facility’s needs are also worth considering. We’re experts in offering specialized solutions to meet the varying call system needs of any healthcare facility. We can work with you to find the right solution(s) to meet your needs and budget.  

Associated Technical Services (ATS) can help you apply innovative security technology solutions to meet your facility’s specific needs and budget so that you can prioritize the safety and care of your patients.


to discuss the features addressed here and other options for nurse call systems, contact us today at 844-222-2280.