What the 3G Sunset Means for Your Alarm Security


What is a Network Sunset?

The sunsetting of 3G networks has been a topic that’s been circulating within the cellular and security industry for some time now. By the end of 2022, 3G networks alone will no longer be in operation as the cellular carriers have already begun taking down the associated towers to make room for the more efficient LTE and 5G networks. This cellular network shutdown will impact all technologies that are dependent on outdated networks. All 3G and even 4G AT&T networks will be shut down within the beginning of 2022 and all 3G and 4G networks with Verizon will be shut down by the end of that same year. Keep in mind, however,  that their respective published 3G and 4G service termination dates can change at the discretion of each cellular carrier.

What does this mean for me?

3G and 4G network technology has served as the communications bedrock for most fire and burglary alarm systems relying on 3G and 4G cellular communicators. Security integrators nationwide, including ASI, provide and monitor alarm systems that are dependent upon 3G and 4G communicators. As the sunset progresses, many of these communicators will either become partially or completely obsolete in their capacity to transmit signals to their respective monitoring stations, meaning your business, facility, or residence will be partially or completely unprotected with defective alarm systems. The only means in preventing this unprotection is to replace the existing 3G and even some 4G cellular communicators with LTE/5G cellular communicators.

How ASI will help you navigate the 3G Sunset

As the region’s trusted fire and security solution provider, we’ve been monitoring these inevitable generational network sunsets as they develop. You can trust that we have the necessary expertise to ensure all of your residential and commercial fire and security needs are met and unaffected by this technological shift. Moving forward, you can expect us to reach out to you to discuss changing out the older cellar communicators for newer ones. 

In the meantime, if you have questions or concerns surrounding cellular network sunsets and your fire and security alarm systems, contact us today at 844-222-2280 so that we can make this transition seamless for you, our valued customers.