Right on Track with Geofencing Arming Reminders for Honeywell Total Connect

Right on Track with Geofencing Arming Reminders for Honeywell Total Connect

With people leading such busy lives, it’s rewarding to be able to offer them ways to stay connected and secure. Honeywell just released a new update to the Total Connect iOS app that includes geofencing arming reminders.

How Does It Work?
Have you ever left the house and forgot to arm your system? We’ve all done that from time to time. With this new update, iOS users can give permission so that if they travel beyond a predetermined geographic area (they set up), they will receive a push notification letting them know they forget to arm their system.

This feature provides added value since it helps remind them to keep their home protected when they are away. There’s no need to drive back home. The homeowner can simply arm the system from the Honeywell Total Connect 2.0 iOS app. It can’t get much easier than that!

This expansion of the Honeywell Total Connect platform lets you experience all of the amazing, lifestyle-enhancing benefits of the Honeywell connected home on a whole new level—all from the industry’s only true, end-to-end security and remote services provider. Don’t forget to download the latest Honeywell Total Connect iOS app release, 3.14, from the Apple iTunes App Store!   If you have more questions, just call one of our security pros at Alarm Systems at 844-222-2280

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